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Rivet contacts

  • Composite silver contacts

Composite silver contacts

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    AgCu/Cu, Ag/Cu,AgNi/Cu ,AgSnO₂In₂O₃/Cu  ,

    AgSnO₂/Cu  ,AgCdO/Cu  ,AgCuO/Cu  ,AgZnO/Cu。 

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Overview: Silver nickel is more resistant to fusion and burnout than pure silver or fine grain silver. These two properties of the product are improved due to the increased nickel content of the high melting point. All silver-nickel materials are very workable and easy to solder. When the DC is turned on and off, the material transfer is small, and silver nickel is an environmentally friendly material.

Applications: Silver nickel products are widely used in low voltage switchgear。 Such as relays, small current contactors, light switches, temperature controllers, protection switches (with asymmetric matching contacts with AgC, AgZnO, AgSnO2, etc。)。

Its contact products are mainly manufactured by cold heading forming。The characteristics are as follows: two types of nail head and double ends。With silver, gold, palladium, platinum and its alloy materials, the matrix is generally plastic and conductive。Good pure copper and precious metal materials are only necessary for electrical contact of contacts。Therefore, the precious metal is effectively saved, the contact cost is reduced, and the realization society is realized。Sustainable development。Rivet contact is suitable for continuous automatic production of riveting, riveting plusNo other processing technology (such as electroplating, welding, etc。) is needed afterwork。lt simplifies the manufacturing process of contact parts, improves production efficiency and reduces costs。lt also improves the assembly accuracy and reliability of components。Main products: Ag/Cu, FAg/Cu, AgNi/Cu, AgSno2/Cu,AgSno2ln203/Cu, AgCu/Cu, AgZno/Cu, AgCdo/Cu double compound contact, special-shaped contact and button type contact; Ag/Cu/AgFAg/Cu/FAg, AgNi/Cu/AgNi, AgSno2/Cu/AgSno2。 AgSno2ln203/ Cu/ AgSno2ln203, AgZnoCu/AgZno, AgCdo/Cu/AgCdo, etc。Three compound rivet contact, special-shaped contact and button type contact。Main applications: all kinds of relays, contactors, small switches, thermostat, and so on。Products such as actuator, voltage controller, automobile electric appliance and so on。

Silver oxide contact material is a kind of excellent performance, widely contact material, suitable formedium current rating All kinds of low-voltage electrical appliances. Because of the silver alloy in thepresence of various metal oxides, improves the silver contactPerformance, such as long service life, goodresistance to fusion welding resistance, stable contact resistance and good resistance toelectricity Burning, but also has good mechanical strength, domestic electric appliance factory imported orjoint design and development of a new generation of 25AThe main contact of AC contactor in almost all theabove, the silver oxide contact, such as leading the B series ACContactor, 3TB series AC contactor, thejoint development of electric industry CJ20, CJ40 series AC contactorMost of the things the insulation forcadmium oxide, silver tin oxide contact material, in other fields, such as relay, Thermal protector. Leakageswitches in addition to the use of silver tin oxide, silver cadmium oxide is the use of silver zinc oxide contactmaterials, In DC contactor is used more and more in the silver copper oxide etc. Experience inmanufacturing our factory has strong technical force, for decades, and from foreign leading advancedmaterials manufacturing technology And process, so the silver oxide contact materials, our factory has veryreliable performance and good processing performance, Can be made into a circle, square, special shape ofcontact, also can be made into a whole Liu nails, wire, for convenient welding, in touch Surface complexsilver welding layer welded joints.

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